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3/4''UNC Plow Bolts and Nuts

3/4''UNC Plow Bolts and Nuts

Description: Plow bolts and nuts

Material: 40Cr (bolts), 45# (nuts)

Hardness: 36-42HRC (bolts), 28-36HRC (nuts)

Part NamePart NumberDimensionGrade
Plow Bolt4F36723/4" UNC-10X2"12.9
Plow Bolt4F78273/4" UNC-10X2-1/4"12.9
Plow Bolt5J4773 (154-71-41270)3/4" UNC-10X2-1/2"12.9
Plow Bolt5J4771 (154-70-11143)3/4" UNC-10X2-3/4"12.9
Plow Bolt4F0138 (02090-11275)3/4" UNC-10X3"12.9
Plow Bolt1J6762 (175-70-11170)3/4" UNC-10X3-1/8"12.9
Plow Bolt
3/4" UNC-10X3-1/4"12.9
Plow Bolt02090-112903/4" UNC-10X3-1/2"12.9
Plow Bolt5F89333/4" UNC-10X3-3/4"12.9
Plow Bolt02091-112003/4" UNC-10X4"12.9
Plow Bolt1J0962 (02091-11210)3/4" UNC-10X4-1/4"12.9
Plow Bolt4F0253 (02091-11215)3/4" UNC-10X4-1/2"12.9
Plow Bolt1J67613/4" UNC-10X4-5/8"12.9
Plow Bolt02091-112203/4" UNC-10X5"12.9
Hex Nut2J3506 (02290-11219)3/4" UNC-1010

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