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What is the Cause of the Rollover Accident During the Construction of the Excavator?

Mar. 21, 2020

During excavator construction, rollover is one of the most common accidents. Small excavators are more prone to rollover than large excavators due to their light and narrow body. So how to avoid excavators during construction. What about rollover? Bucket Teeth Manufacturer tells you that there are three main points:

Hitachi Bucket Teeth

Hitachi Bucket Teeth

1. Due to the off-road nature of the excavator, through the cooperation of the track and the working device, the excavator can climb steep slopes and easily go downhill. It is easy for everyone to ignore dangerous situations. When the excavator goes downhill or drives along the trailer Many drivers push the front windshield or door frame with their left hand and push the excavator with their right hand. Walk. At this time, if the door is open instead of locked, the door will close quickly due to gravity, which is usually very Large force. The hand holding on the door frame will be pinched. 

Therefore, when the excavator is working, there is a lock on the excavator's door. When it is opened, there is a lock. Whether the door is open or closed, it must be locked. The driver should try not to grab the door frame.

2. When you walk, you can hold the boom. Many novices or apprentices think that the boom of the mini excavator is the highest mentioned, the lever is fully open, and the bucket is facing the sky, so the sight will be when walking Better, if you walk, it will be cool. It is very dangerous to walk. Due to the high working device and high center of gravity, if the surface is slightly uneven, the ground will fall. Our company also has Hitachi Bucket Rippers on sale.

Therefore, don't calm down when walking and doing homework. The most important thing is to be optimistic about the road under your feet.

3. Driving on soft soil. When the excavator works on soft soil such as swamps, river beaches, etc. First of all, use a bucket to test whether the ground can withstand the weight of the excavator. If you forget this process, unless you are driving an amphibious excavator, otherwise serious consequences may occur. Although the excavator is designed for crawler excavators and has a large area of contact with the ground, accidents in the excavator occur in the dirt! To avoid the excavator in the swamp Or trapped on soft ground such as riverbanks, please pay attention to the following:

1. Try with a bucket first.

2. Don't stay in one place for long.

3. Go straight and turn less.

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