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Hitachi Bucket Teeth Produces Black Smoke, What Should we do?

Jul. 08, 2020

In recent years, excavators have played a more and more significant advantage in municipal engineering, farmland water conservancy and other constructions, have made great contributions to saving manpower and material resources, and can maximize their production capacity in narrow working spaces. Such a small device has played such a big role. One thing that must be said is to do a good job of equipment maintenance. Let's share the excavator with Bucket Teeth Wholesale. If the black smoke occurs in our excavator during operation, the main thing is that when the fuel is not burning enough, diesel will be injected into the combustion chamber, which is not fully burned. The high-temperature decomposition of diesel fuel forms some carbon black. At this time, when the excavator is exhausting, it is prone to black smoke. There are many other conditions that cause black smoke from excavators. One of the conditions that cause black smoke from excavators is the black smoke produced by the incomplete combustion of the fuel we mentioned above. In addition, when the combustion chamber is deformed, it may be a quality problem.

Hitachi Bucket Teeth

Hitachi Bucket Teeth

This will make the compression residual gap sometimes too large, sometimes too small, or the position of the piston is wrongly installed. At this time, it will affect the overall fuel and air mixing ratio. Once this comparison changes, the fuel will becomes anaerobic and produces carbon deposits, so the smoke emitted is black.

If the excavator emits black smoke, there may be a phenomenon of oil dripping when the atomization of the fuel injector is poor. When such a situation occurs, the fuel will not be fully burned because the fuel cannot be mixed with the air more fully. together.

The main reason is that the valve or piston ring of the excavator and the wear of the cylinder liner will cause insufficient compression pressure, so the opportunity is insufficient when the fuel burns. Therefore, we need to check the valve piston ring or cylinder liner in time during the maintenance process and immediately replace the worn ones!

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