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How to Maintain the Excavator in Winter?

Sep. 21, 2020

As an Excavator Adapter Manufacturer, share with you. Hydraulic excavator maintenance records. With the advent of winter, the temperature is gradually decreasing. The vast majority of small excavator users have entered the "winter break" period. However, some equipment is still fighting on the construction site. In low temperature weather, The test of the equipment will be more severe than usual; at this time, how to better maintain the equipment and make it work better in the coming year has become an important job for friends of digging friends. This article mainly introduces how to maintain the small excavator in detail.

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1. The low temperature in winter may cause excessive cooling of the diesel engine during operation. Therefore, heat preservation is the key to good use of diesel engines in winter. In the northern regions, diesel engines used in winter should be equipped with cold-proof equipment such as insulation sleeves and insulation curtains;

2. Check whether the antifreeze liquid level and the oil level of the engine oil is normal, check whether the oil quality of the engine oil is normal, and check the antifreeze level of the fuel.

3. Daily maintenance; check, clean, or replace the air filter element; clean the inside of the cooling system; check and tighten the track shoe bolts; check and adjust the track back tension; check the air inlet heater; replace the bucket teeth; adjust the bucket gap; check Front window cleaning fluid level; check and adjust the air conditioner; clean the floor in the cab; replace the filter element of the breaker (optional);

4. Check the height of the liquid level of the coolant (add water); check the engine oil level, add oil; check the fuel level (add fuel); check the hydraulic oil level (add hydraulic oil); check whether the air filter element is blocked; check Wire; check whether the horn is normal; check the lubrication of the bucket; check the water and sediment in the oil-water separator.

I believe everyone has some understanding of "how to maintain excavators in winter". The above content is some of the matters that should be paid attention to how to maintain excavators in winter. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you have better suggestions, welcome everyone to follow up and add.

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