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What is the Hydraulic High Temperature Solution for Excavators?

Mar. 10, 2020

As a Komatsu Bucket Teeth Wholesale, let's take a look at the processing scheme of the excavator at high temperatures.

First of all, we must judge the hydraulic high temperature fault of the excavator from simple to complex, from outside to inside, and from intuitive to detection according to the method. The failure analysis and processing steps are as follows:

Komatsu Bucket Teeth

Komatsu Bucket Teeth

First check whether the hydraulic oil radiator is dirty, hydraulic oil level, the oil quality, check the filter element, if there is a problem, clean and replace it in time; check if the hydraulic system is leaking. If there are multiple leaks, please replace the seals and damage in time component.

Use a multimeter to check circuit problems and sensor damage. Use a direct temperature tester to test whether the actual hydraulic oil temperature is too high. We have Komatsu Bucket Adapters on sale.

The above checks are normal. Check the return check valves of the hydraulic system. They should be removed to check if the springs are damaged or stuck. If you have any problems, you need to clean or replace them.

Check the hydraulic pump of the excavator for abnormal noise and excessive oil discharged from the drainage pipe. If the working pressure is too low, use a pressure gauge to test the working pressure of the system;

The above inspections are normal standards, and engine power problems such as superchargers, high-pressure pumps and injectors should be checked;

Analysis of hydraulic high temperature of excavator:

The temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high, which is a common failure of the hydraulic system of the excavator. The reasons are very complicated, and there are relatively many failures, which are often difficult to handle.

The specific problems are divided into the following types: the internal blockage of the hydraulic oil radiator or the dirty surface of the radiator affects the heat dissipation effect;

1. Hydraulic oil tank lacks hydraulic oil or hydraulic oil, and the hydraulic filter is blocked, resulting in high temperature;

2. Excessive leakage of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system leads to excessive leakage of hydraulic oil, and the wear clearance of the hydraulic components of each valve core generates high temperatures;

3. The oil return check valve is damaged (the spring is damaged or the valve is blocked), resulting in no oil return or direct oil return through the radiator;

4. Circuit system failure, sensor or circuit problems, false positives;

5. The internal leakage of the hydraulic pump exceeds the standard, resulting in deceleration of the working device and excessive temperature;

6.Insufficient engine power, increased hydraulic system load, increased resistance of working equipment, and high temperature;

7. For excavators, the hydraulic system has independent hydraulic fan motors and hydraulic fan pumps, as well as hydraulic fan solenoid valves, all of which can cause high hydraulic temperatures.

This is the case with mini excavators for high temperature analysis.

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