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What Should I Pay Attention to When the Excavator Goes down a Steep Slope?

Sep. 01, 2020

As a Bucket Teeth Manufacturer, share with you. On construction sites, it is very common for excavators to go up and down steep slopes, but do you know the safety hazards of excavators up and down steep slopes?

1. "Safety belts" Excavator seats are all equipped with safety belts, but few people really wear safety belts.

2. "Slope repair" When the excavator comes down on a platform of a certain height, it must be repaired to a reasonable slope, so that the crawler does not need to be suspended to maintain the balance of the vehicle when it is supported by a bucket, which is relatively safer.

3. "Guide wheel in front" When going downhill, make sure that the guide wheel is in front, because the walking pole is stepped forward when going downhill. In this way, the forward inertia is just offset by the force of the foot. Will be much more stable.

4. "Advance at a constant speed" When going downhill, you must advance at a constant speed. The speed of the crawler and the speed of the boom must be consistent, so as not to cause the bucket support force to exceed the suspension of the crawler.

What Should I Pay Attention to When the Excavator Goes down a Steep Slope?

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The above is the summary of experience, I hope to help everyone. I also hope that when you operate the small excavator downhill in the future, you must pay attention to the use of seat belts and the guide wheels in front, and to move forward at a constant speed.

The intercooler in the excavator is a device used to cool the intake air on the turbocharged engine and is an important part of the supercharging system. If the intercooler is damaged, the turbocharged engine needs to compress the air to increase the intake air volume, and the compressed air will increase the temperature, and the high temperature air entering the cylinder will easily cause deflagration and other dangers.

The role of the intercooler of the excavator: The intercooler is in front of the engine and looks exactly like the radiator.

1. Reduce the engine intake temperature

2. Reduce engine fuel consumption

3. Improve turbocharger matching and adaptation

Intercooler failure phenomenon

1. The excavator engine sucks in unfiltered dust and foreign particles, which will damage the internal parts of the engine. Common phenomena: heavy exhaust, low speed, reduced engine power, and extremely dirty oil.

2. The turbocharger is damaged, the oil is leaking, and the muffler will spray oil.

3. Blocking of the intercooler will cause poor air cooling and cause abnormally high engine temperature.

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