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What are the Precautions for the Excavator During Transportation?

Jul. 20, 2020

When the excavator needs to transfer operations, we need to transport the mini excavator to the destination. The small crawler excavator is not a machine that can walk on the road for a long time because it will cause damage to the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out hoisting and truck transportation to the destination during transportation, but there are many things we need to pay attention to during these processes, so we need to pay extra attention. Komatsu Bucket Teeth Wholesale will share with you the relevant precautions.

Komatsu Bucket Adapters

Komatsu Bucket Adapters

Before the excavator needs to be transported, we must first hoist the excavator for loading. During the hoisting process, no one on the excavator must ensure that the steel rope we hoist can withstand the weight of the excavator and is stable during the hoisting process. Once the center of the mini excavator is unstable, it will rotate during the lifting process. During the lifting process, the engine is started to rotate the upper part of the slewing body. At this time, the tooling device of the excavator will pass steel ropes on the front and rear axles of the excavator on the ground.

The excavator is loaded. In the process of loading, first park the excavator to the designated position and then drop the bulldozer, turn off the engine, pull out the key, and let the bucket and bean-dried cylinder all extend out and lower the boom. Keep the stability of the mini excavator without rollover during transportation. When loading and transporting, pay attention to placing square logs in the bucket and cylinder to avoid damage to the car body during transportation.

When the excavator is transported to the destination, the truck needs to be unloaded. When unloading the truck, we should be extra careful to operate the generator of the mini excavator at a low speed and walk slowly. Keep the trailer and the mini excavator at a certain distance by using the slope. Or the platform loads and unloads the excavator. Don't change the direction during unloading. If you want to change the direction, you must correct the direction when you descend the ramp. Such prudent operation is to ensure the personal safety of our operators from damage to the mini excavator.

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