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What are the Problems in the Development of the Furniture Hardware Industry?

Jun. 11, 2020

As a Caterpillar Bucket Teeth Manufacturer, share with you. With the continuous improvement of the national economy, my country's furniture industry has developed rapidly in the past 30 years, and its production capacity has accounted for 25% of the world. The furniture hardware industry, as an inseparable and closely linked community, continues to develop and evolve, but also has some problems in itself:

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Caterpillar Bucket Teeth

1. Fierce competition in the industry, lack of high-end brands

There are hundreds of furniture hardware companies in a small hardware market. While the industrial zone is concentrated, competition among enterprises is fierce, and customers run away with their neighbors with little attention. Although there are many small enterprises, the lack of high-end brands has resulted in uneven product quality. Domestic large-scale home furnishing brands use foreign well-known brands in order to follow the psychology of the Chinese and not be eliminated by the market.

2. Insufficient awareness of innovation

In today's fast-changing era, sticking to conventions is equivalent to being eliminated by the market. At present, domestic furniture hardware is relatively lacking in innovation, and many hardware products are imitated foreign brands. The products are less personalized and cannot be researched and developed based on domestic realities. The industry's sense of smell is not enough. Even some well-known domestic brands are the same. Although they have their own R&D team and R&D personnel, they have never made creative breakthroughs in the furniture hardware sector. Instead, they are constantly following the pace of foreign countries.

3. Contradiction between supply and demand

With the continuous improvement of per capita income level, consumers' consumption concept is also constantly changing, the sensitivity to price has decreased compared with the past, but the quality and experience have increased significantly. The overall manufacturing level of domestic furniture and hardware companies is low, and many companies are still ignoring consumer demand in the price war. Hardware products with strong commonality are increasingly unable to meet the personalized needs of consumers.

4. Standardization is not clearly defined

The lack of standardization means that middlemen cannot uniformly judge product quality according to the standard and give appropriate prices. Let some bad manufacturers often cut corners in the manufacturing process, and then develop into consumers can not buy products of corresponding quality at an appropriate price, but good products are not known for various reasons.

5. Green and environmental protection

"Green" and "environmental protection" have become the most concerned issues of modern people, and the furniture hardware industry is no exception. As we all know, in the traditional manufacturing industry, metal refining has a lot of harm to the environment and human body. It has run counter to my country's policies and ecological concepts, and environmental protection is imperative. In fact, the production of green standards can not only protect the ecology, but also increase the service life of the products, allowing enterprises to develop benignly.

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