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Why should Pay Attention to Oil Temperature When the Excavator is Operating?

Jun. 28, 2020

As a Bucket Teeth Wholesale, share with you. Construction is inseparable from the excavator, especially China is currently striding towards a high-speed development road, urbanization construction is further increased, projects are planned one by one, in order to be able to quickly enter the ranks of developed countries, China is also dedicated to work hard With. So as an important part of construction and engineering, excavators need to pay attention to when operating excavators? Why pay attention to the oil temperature?

ESCO Bucket Teeth

ESCO Bucket Teeth

When we build a house, the help of an excavator can be a multiplier, but if the excavator is used for a long time, it may cause the oil temperature to be too high, and the high oil temperature will cause great harm, especially in summer. The outdoor temperature is relatively high, and it is normal for small excavators to work outside the oil for too long a long time, and what harm will the high oil temperature cause?

If the heat dissipation of the working machine of the excavator is not very good, it will affect the temperature of its machine and the work rate will be reduced. Then our engineers will work very hard. The clutch and brake of the small excavator will also have friction during the work. High temperature will cause wear caused by high temperature, and burnout may also occur.

If the oil temperature is too high, we can take some appropriate measures to dissipate heat, such as adding oil to the machine to reduce wear between mechanical parts, which not only improves the efficiency of the excavator, but also avoids damage.

In order to effectively deal with the noise of the temperature machine of the excavator, the most important measure is to clean the radiator frequently. To ensure the normal use and cleanness of the radiator is to ensure that it can dissipate heat during operation. If the temperature of our excavator rises, we need to reduce the temperature and then we will check the hot air to see if there is too much dust around the radiator, and clean the radiator in time. In many cases, the high temperature phenomenon is caused by the problem of the radiator. We have to regularly check some debris on the radiator surface and a lot of internal scale and so on.

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