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How to Solve the Problem of Rotation Deviation of Excavator?

Jun. 18, 2020

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1. First, remove the two rotary release valves around the rotary motor to improve the performance of the valve body and sealing ring.

2. Disassemble the rotating motor, the cylinder and the distribution disk can not find the initial grinding phenomenon, the working gap is good. Make sure the elasticity of the magazine is normal and will not break. The sealing ring on the brake pressure plate is also intact.

3. Check the oil return path of the brake. You can see that there are colloidal particles in the oil return hole, and the hole is not completely blocked, so the oil return is slow, time-consuming and the brake parts are working. Therefore, when the swing motion is stopped, the slip amount (jump angle) becomes too large.

4. After determining the cause of the failure, the engineer started to clean the components, paying special attention to the orifice and small oil circuit. After thorough cleaning, install the components and test the vehicle.

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What is the reason why the speed of the excavator engine is out of control?

1. There is too much oil in the air filter oil in the inertial oil bath. It is drawn into the cylinder and burned. This is the same as increasing fuel supply, but speeding up and speeding up.

2. Bending or oil plug installation may cause the plunger of the fuel injection pump to rotate and lose the speed adjustment bracket. In particular, the multi-cylinder oil pump is in the unloaded state, and the fuel supply cannot be changed to cause a malfunction state.

3. The drive sleeve of the governor of the single-injector pump of the single-cylinder diesel engine is stuck, resulting in a speed regulation failure.

4. Some of the oil inlet and return holes in the plunger sleeve of the fuel injection pump are on the same plane. If the screw on the plunger sleeve is too long to block the oil return hole, the oil will become worse and the oil supply will start. Surge can also cause acceleration.

5. The fuel pump adjustment gear is stuck at the fuel delivery position, or the rack and governor lever are disconnected and out of control.

6. Too much lubrication of the governor housing will prevent the speed from opening and affect speed regulation.

Excessive use of excavator for a long time is likely to cause the oil temperature to be too high, and excessive oil temperature will cause great harm, especially in summer, the outdoor temperature is relatively high, plus small excavator working oil for a long time outdoors It is also normal for the temperature to be too high, and what harm will the oil temperature cause?

The heat dissipation of the working machine of the miniature excavator is not very good, so it will affect the temperature of its machine and the work rate will be reduced. Then our engineers will also work very hard. The clutch and brake of the excavator will have friction during the work. There will also be high temperature will cause the wear caused by the high temperature, there may be burnout.

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