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Will These Actions Hurt the Excavator?

Sep. 27, 2020

As an Excavator Bucket Teeth Manufacturer, share it with you. Many users may sometimes ignore some problems when using the excavator, causing the bucket to work in an incorrect way for a long time. This will cause your bucket to often break down and cause heavy bleeding after replacement, regardless of whether it is a veteran or a novice. , You should pay attention to the following operations.

Caterpillar Bucket Teeth

Caterpillar Bucket Teeth

Points to note when using buckets:

1. The bucket is used to pry the animal body for excavation operations. The back of the bucket will collide with stones. This operation will not cause the back of the bucket to wear easily, and it will also cause cracks on the bucket teeth. This will hurt the bucket. The correct operation method should be digging with bucket and forearm. When large stress is generated, the hydraulic system can automatically adjust the used force to a suitable range.

2. Use the collision force of the side wall of the bucket to move objects or the turning force to move large objects. When the bucket and rocks collide, the bucket, boom, and working devices will generate a large load, which will seriously affect the service life of the excavator. Therefore, this operation is not allowed.

3. When the excavator is digging at a high place, even if the bucket teeth are not inserted into the soil, it cannot be rotated, because the bucket teeth can easily hit hard rocks. It will not only cause damage to the bucket teeth, but also affect the working device, which may cause bending and deformation of the boom, thereby affecting the service life of the excavator.

There are many maintenance methods for excavators that are not marked in the manual. Many people don’t know the maintenance of the support wheels and sprocket wheels. In fact, many support wheels and sprocket wheels can be maintained. There is a small bolt on it, which can be filled with lubricating oil when it is unscrewed. Remove the screw and fill each wheel with 50 ml of lubricating oil with a syringe. It can be replaced by gear oil from the walking and rotary reducer. Raise once a year.

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