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What Should I do if the Excavator Stalls?

Sep. 15, 2020

During the construction of the excavator, it is inevitable that the engine will suddenly turn off or freeze during the work. What should I do if this happens? Today Bucket Teeth Wholesale will teach you how to deal with a stalled excavator.

Hitachi Bucket Teeth

Hitachi Bucket Teeth

First of all, check the oil circuit of the excavator, whether the oil pipe is transporting oil normally, and see if the oil pipe is blocked. In this case, you should clean the oil filter chip, disassemble the fuel supply pump, and check whether the fuel injection length of the fuel injector can reach 6-7cm.

Next, pay attention to whether the fuel engine of the excavator is working for a long time, which causes the fuel engine to operate under overload, which causes the fuel engine's temperature to be too high and causes the fuel engine to stall.

In addition to the above two points, the excavator can’t move. Most situations are fuel channel faults. You should also watch the fuel pipe for gas leakage and oil seepage, and then watch the fuel supply pipe joint seals for cracks, Whether the filter chip is blocked, and whether the water cap of the oil separation device is properly screwed.

On the other hand, if the excavator is stalled and can’t move, it may also be a power condition. The hydraulic pump is not compatible with the efficiency of the fuel engine. At that time, it is necessary to use customized management equipment to test, and the control valve reaction force must be checked and maintained with customized equipment.

What should I do if the chain plate of the crawler excavator falls off?

When using the excavator, have you ever encountered the embarrassing situation of the excavator track chain falling off? How do you deal with it? For a relatively inexperienced novice, what should I do when facing such a difficult problem? ? Let's talk about the assembly and adjustment methods of the excavator crawler. I believe that through today's study, we can bring a little convenience to everyone's work.

First of all, when the excavator crawler chain plate falls off, the construction personnel should be notified in time and immediately stop working and wait for treatment. Secondly, pay attention to the surrounding environment. When the excavator crawler falls off, keep the site as wide and flat as possible without obvious If there are similar obstacles around rocks, mounds, etc., they should be removed.

Then, use a wrench to disassemble the grease nipple of the crawler, use the excavator bucket to support the side of the crawler falling off, and rotate the crawler to retract the driving wheel.

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