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How To Keep Your Bucket Teeth In Top Condition

May. 31, 2022

Loading shovel buckets aren't cheap to replace, and specifically infuriating when there are things which you can do to keep them in top condition and maximise their life. Replacing the smaller parts that wear frequently is much more cost-effective than paying out the damaging cost of a new loading bucket teeth. Follow these tips so that you can maximise the wear of your bucket.


How To Keep Your Bucket Teeth In Top Condition

It's important to ensure that your cutting edges are high quality

The area that wears the most is the bucket teeth cutting edge located in the front edge at the base of the bucket. This means that the cutting edges need to be replaced when they begin to wear. Also known as 'bucket wear blades' the cutting edges can be produced from a range of different grades of steel. It's recommended that the hardness for the blade is actually 400 to 500 HB which will maximise the time before they need replacing again and will sufficiently protect the bucket. Most blades are bolted on with bolt-on wear blades which is something to bear in mind when fixing them.


Check the condition of you wear blades and cutting edges regularly

To check the wear blade you must make sure that it isn't wearing back to the bucket teeth. You will have to permit enough time for the replacement to arrive because the blades normally take two-three weeks to manufacture. You will find that this same issue applies to other kinds of machinery.


Bucket teeth also require to be replaced

The bucket teeth also wear for the reason that they are engaging with the ground constantly. Again, when it comes to replacing your parts they need to be high quality, otherwise you will be wasting money and have the hassle of replacing parts more regularly then they need to be. Having good quality teeth on a Bucket will go a long way towards protecting a bucket and the machine by maximising the penetration, and therefore which means that the excavator has to exert less effort to achieve the same result.

Check your bucket teeth regularly to see how worn out they are. Additionally, it would be a good idea if you have a replacement set of bucket teeth available, so that they are ready as soon as you require them.


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