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How to avoid bucket teeth damaging due to abrasive wear?

Feb. 11, 2022

How to avoid bucket teeth damaging due to abrasive wear?cid=96

1. When an excavator is digging, the wear volume loss of the outermost bucket teeth at both sides is 30% higher than that of innermost one. After being operated for a period, the innermost and outermost bucket teeth are better to exchange their positions;

2. Operator should pay attention to digging angle when operating an excavator, it should be perpendicular to the object surface, preventing bucket teeth from breaking caused by excessive inclination;

3. Excavator arm should not swing in horizontal direction when there is a large resistance, otherwise it is easy to cause the breaking of bucket teeth and seat since the horizontal forces are too large;

4. The wear status of bucket tooth seat is also a critical issue that can affect the service life of excavator bucket teeth. It is better to replace the bucket tooth seat when its wear volume loss reaches 10%, because the large gap caused by the wear will change the force bearing point between tooth seat and bucket tooth, which may result the breaking of bucket teeth;

5. Operating method also plays a very important role in increasing the utilization rate of bucket teeth. The excavator operator should pay special attention to the coordination of the operation, avoiding damage caused by impacting the bucket to rocks.

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