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Use and maintenance of Komatsu excavator buckets

Feb. 22, 2022

Excavator users generally have misconceptions about buckets. Most people think that the bigger the bucket of Komatsu excavator, the higher the construction efficiency; the thicker the excavator bucket, the stronger the durability, the longer the service life, and then the excavator bucket is blind. The strengthening. This method is not desirable. If the bucket is protected in all directions, it will inevitably increase the weight of each bucket. A heavy bucket will not only increase the fuel consumption of the machine, but overloading will also have a considerable impact on the life of the machine. The impact of this loss cannot be ignored. Experts have done research: for every 0.5 ton increase in bucket weight, the cycle time increases by 10% and the annual gross profit decreases by 15%. In fact, in general, manufacturers provide standard buckets with a reasonable structural design and they are fully compatible with the general working conditions. If conditions are really bad and need to be strengthened, it is also advisable to weld the part that needs the most strengthening instead of welding the whole thing, and not to wrap your beloved bucket with thick armor.

Use and maintenance of Komatsu excavator buckets


Bucket teeth are the end of the excavator work unit. In the excavation operation process, Komatsu excavator bucket teeth is the most loaded working parts, belong to the wearing parts. Especially in the stone construction environment, the bucket teeth wear out very fast. The use of bucket teeth can actually have a direct impact on excavator efficiency and production costs. Imagine, when the bucket tooth tip is worn more seriously, the force required to cut into the excavator during excavation is inevitable. It increases greatly, causing greater fuel consumption and affecting work efficiency. Therefore, when the bucket teeth are worn more seriously, it is very necessary to replace new bucket teeth in time.


In the routine maintenance of excavator, if you can check fuel, lubricant, water and air every day, then the failure of the machine can be reduced by 70%. If you want your machine to do better and better and more economically in your daily work, then take 2 minutes to check the bucket every day. The main checks are: the degree of wear of the Komatsu excavator bucket The body and whether there are cracks. If the degree of wear is serious, reinforcement should be considered. For the bucket body with cracks, it should be welded and patched in time to avoid increasing the length of cracks due to delayed patching, resulting in an unrepairable situation. In addition, kick the bucket teeth with your foot to check whether the bucket teeth are stable. If the bucket teeth are loose, they should be tightened immediately.


For a long time, the simple structure of the Komatsu excavator bucket often fails to attract the attention of users, which inadvertently reduces the construction efficiency and increases the construction costs a lot. I hope this article can arouse more attention to the bucket from our user friends. Let our loving machines create more profits for us.

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